Cyclone Ana Relief effort in Chikwawa

Relief effort in Chikwawa

Between 21 and 23 January 2022, tropical cyclone Ana developed and made a landfall on the Mozambique coast and later proceeded to Malawi where it caused torrential rains over most areas of the country; with highest rainfall amounts recorded in the southern region. The cyclone also caused injuries to 158 people, 37 deaths, displaced 22,364 households and 20 people went missing.

WASHTED with help of well wishers in Scotland reached out to a total of 1,180 victims of cyclone Ana in Chikwawa on 3 March 2022 distributing items amounting to MWK10,500,000 in the form of: maize flour, beans, soya pieces, salt, 20L buckets, chlorine and black plastic sheets.