WASHTED Gathers in Mangochi for a Productive Writing Workshop and Team Building Retreat

Greetings from the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi! This week, members of the Centre for Water, Sanitation, Health and Appropriate Technology Development (WASHTED) have converged at the lakeshore district of Mangochi for a writing and team-building retreat.

The primary objective of this retreat is to finalize and publish all manuscripts that the team is currently working on. WASHTED is dedicated to advancing research and knowledge in the crucial fields of Water, Sanitation, Health, and the development of technologies that address the challenges of WASH and renewable energy in Malawi. With a wealth of expertise gathered in one place, this event promises to produce impactful contributions to these essential sectors

It’s not all about work at the workshop. The team recognises the importance of building strong bonds, and hence, has planned several team-building activities. These activities serve as a refreshing break for team members to relax and recharge, ultimately enhancing their collaborative spirit. Mangochi offers the perfect environment for these team-building exercises.

Stay tuned for more updates on WASHTED’s impactful contributions and the outcomes of this workshop.”.